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My name is Gökalp and I was born in Ankara. Some people get confused when they experience my passion since I am supposed to be serious and strict as Ankara native.  Well, I love life and I love to guide. Especially in Ankara!

My ancestors came from Şereflikoçhisar -small town in South of Ankara- and occupied into city centre in 1950s. I finished my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Economics. After 5 years of professional business life carrier, i decided to manage my own business with my cousin in energy sector. I have also lived a year in İstanbul and a year in UK(Brighton,Eastbourne,London) then finally a year in Berlin before realizing that Ankara is simply the best place to be. Ankara is an amazing city with amusing and beautiful native people. On the other hand you can see the order and tideness according to other typical Turkish cities with so much chaos – turks love chaos so much!

I launched this website voluntarily in order to reach people who wants to see around my city with lots of hidden stories. I do not aim any financial purpose. In my free city tour, my only purpose is to introduce as much as i can about Old Town where deserves more visits than present. Other tours contain some cost just because we have to use my car in order to reach target places as quicker, due to lacking public transport opportunities which is my biggest sorrow about this city.  

How do i refer to Ankara?

Ankara has an open society with a great variety of good food and a lot of national story. You can feel the rich and national history when you walk in the streets in the hills of Old town and ride on the road to West where the independence war took place. There are so many hidden interesting stories about this city. I am looking forward to share these stories with you and to show you around.Besides storytelling and learning languages I love learning about law from my dear wife who is law academician in Gazi University. My hobbies are playing guitar and running 42k! As far as i will not get tired early, i hope you do not smoke and will not get tired easily! Get ready and fasten your seat belts or tide up your walking shoes!

My name is Yigit and I was born in Ankara. Since I was born I have been living in Ankara and every single day I am falling love with Ankara. I love to guide and I personally think that guiding is like life style.

If I talk about myself, I am majoring in Astronautical Engineering at Turkish Aeronautical Association University. I am 2nd grade. I love being social person.
I am interested in sport, music, technology, meeting new people and something like these things. On the other hand I love to live in Ankara of course.

I am a volunteer for being a tour guide because as I said I really want to present Ankara to tourists. Before 2 years ago, I said ‘I should do somethings for Ankara’ and I found Mr.Gökalp. We met and I joined this team. Now I am here. Ankara deserves recognition by tourists.

All in all, I am the person who really wants to present Ankara. I am ready for this and I am waiting you guys! Come on in and enjoy with me. Are you ready?

My name is Hamdi Tekinbaş. I was born in Ankara. I have been driving since 1979 in Ankara and will continue to serve as  a driver till i die.  I know every street and every corner of my city in detail. I would be very gladful to welcome you from  Ankara Esenboğa Airport till your selected destination.  It’s no matter what time it is, me and my team altogether we are on  service for 24 hours.  Except smoking you are free to do anything you prefer. You can ask me ;

– How you could spend your constraint time in Ankara?

– Where to go?

– What to do during the day or during night?




  • Two way shuttle service between Esenboğa Airport and various districts.
  • Our prices are evaluated per vehicle that included private driver and KDV.
  • The number of people does not change the price of shuttle service.
  • Whether you are 1 person or 4 people, the shuttle service fee will not change.

More than one person is required to be picked up at the same address or delivered to the same address. Persons receiving the service may not board or disembark from two different addresses. Pricing conditions will change if addresses differ. You can find detailed information by calling our contact numbers via +90532 456 46 80

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    We are an independent team of local tour guides, who are truly passionate about Ankara and it’s life-style.

    We intend to present you the habits, customs and character of the locals, historical places which has came from Ottoman and many civilizations based on magnificent Anatolia land giving you a deeper insight into everything the city has to offer. Our tours cover the most important and amazing sites in the city, making certain that you don’t miss out on anything.

    Now, join the most exciting and relaxing tours Ankara has to offer.

    We know you will love it!


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